All you need in one testbench

K-MULTI-1000 combines the precision of a creep-test frame, with a solid state active cooling system and state of the art battery cycler. With this testbench is possible to perform all kind of non-abusive test: performance evaluation, breathing and swelling analysis, thermal expansion, piezoelectric effects, all tests can be executed with the complete control of the pressure and temperature.


The plates are thermally conditioned with a patented system.
Range: -15°C to 80 °C
Thermal peak power: 3.6 kW


The press is designed to withstand loads for long time testing.
Travel resolution: 0.068 nm
Displacement accuracy: 0.5 µm
Force limit: 100kN 


The data produced by each subsystem is logged to a storage device with a synchronised time base.

Battery cycler

A battery cycler is integrated in the system
Voltage range: ± 80V
Max current: ± 340A (expandible)

Comparison with competitors

Classical climate chambers are inadequate for performing high discharge current tests, due to excessive heat buildup. This often leads to the interruption of tests due to the reaching of dangerous temperatures.  The high precision and thermal power of MBTS systems, keeps the cell at a controlled temperature, greatly extending the possibilities of battery testing.

Testing possibilities

An accurate control of the test pressure, temperature, and electrical operation allows for new and more accurate single cell testing. All of these while saving time with our fully automated systems.