Testing service and consulting

Our focus is on providing the highest quality data for calibration and development of simulation models. With our expertise in battery testing and simulation, we can support the test design process

Single cell testing

Design and development of tests on single cell level. Generated data can be used for model calibration, validation, safety assessment and performance analysis

Multi cell testing

Testing multiple cells for swelling data analysis, cells ageing and more. This test setup allows to control the pressure on the cell within a small climatic chamber

Consulting on test design

 With almost ten years of experience in the battery development and simulation industry, we provide support during the test design phase.

Advantages of our testing solution

The possiblity to fully control temperature and pressure/displacement on a single cell results in more accurate models. This technical advantage propagates throughout the development process, reducing development time and cost.

High precision models

We provide design and development of single cell test setup. Generated data can be used for model calibration, validation, safety assessment and performance analysis

Safer cell integration

Better knowledge of the individual cell leads to more controlled integration into a battery pack, avoiding potentially dangerous conditions in the cells stack

Faster time to market

Improved simulation models lead to a more accurate prediction of the parameters of interest. This reduces the number of design-simulation-test loops

Multiphysics single cell level testing

We self-developed our testbenches to provide unique testing features. With our testbench it is possible to reach the complete control of the physical parameters of the cell: pressure/displacement, temperature and electrical parameters can be fully controlled, indipendently and with an automated system.

FASTer results

This test bench is fully automated and can run 24 hours a day, generating data in the fastest possible way

direct cooling

With the direct thermal conditioning, the isothermal condition is reached in any condition

mechanical control

With the entire system integrated into a mechanical press, the user has full control over force or displacement

battery cycler

An integrated battery cycler allows any voltage/current profile to be applied to the cell


The generated data can be used to feed multiphysics phenomenological models including pressure, temperature, C-rate, State of Charge, Ageing and other dependent variables

all in one

Full integration of all components results in fully synchronised data across all devices. Pressure, displacement, temperatures, voltage and current are generated with a synchronised time base

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